Year 06 - History - Who do you think we are


"We have become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams."  ― Jimmy Carter, Ex-president of the United States

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Program overview

'Who do you think we are?' is an exciting full day excursion which begins at the BUEEC classroom or the forecourt of QPAC before moving into the West End to explore the influence of various migrant groups within this culturally diverse community.

In the morning session, students will gain an insight into the influence that migration has had on Australia by learning more about their own stories of migration, providing opportunities for students to share their own family histories. We consider the influence that migration has had in shaping the nation from the arrival of indigenous people tens of thousands of years ago, right up to the present day. Students will begin to consider the push and pull factors that influence migration before dividing into smaller groups and taking ownership of one of five migrant groups.

Using digital resources, they will learn more about the challenges faced by their migrant group through an interaction with the personal stories of migrants in videos and written recounts; newspaper articles and presentations. Our centre teachers will guide this investigation so that each student group develops a fuller understanding of what it means to be a migrant. Through this activity, students will begin to understand more about the push and pull factors that drive people leave their own countries and seek a new life in Australia.

To gain an understanding of how migrant groups have contributed to Australian society, students then take a walk through the community of West End and create a thematic map of local businesses to illustrate the influence of a range of migrant groups there. Through this activity, students will gain insight into Australia's connection with other countries and how these can change people and places.

The day ends with a reflective activity where students create a digital presentation discussing the push and pull factors for their migrant group; the challenges faced by them as they left their place of birth to migrate and the ways in which they have contributed to the community of Brisbane. Presentations can later be used to compare push and pull factors between various migrant groups and begin to consider why many of these are shared.

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Curriculum intent

HAAS – History

Inquiry and skills


  • Locate and collect relevant information and data from primary sources and secondary sources (ACHASSI123)
  • Organise and represent data in a range of formats including tables, graphs and large- and small-scale maps, using discipline-appropriate conventions (ACHASSI124)


  • Examine primary sources and secondary sources to determine their origin and purpose(ACHASSI126)
  • Examine different viewpoints on actions, events, issues and phenomena in the past and present (ACHASSI127)
  • Interpret data and information displayed in a range of formats to identify, describe and compare distributions, patterns and trends, and to infer relationships (ACHASSI128)

Evaluating and reflecting 

  • Evaluate evidence to draw conclusions (ACHASSI129)
  • Work in groups to generate responses to issues and challenges (ACHASSI130)


  • Present ideas, findings, viewpoints and conclusions in a range of texts and modes that incorporate source materials, digital and non-digital representations and discipline-specific terms and conventions (ACHASSI133)

Knowledge and understanding

  • Experiences of Australian democracy and citizenship, including the status and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, migrants, women and children (ACHASSK135 )
  • Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia since Federation (including from ONE country of the Asia region) and reasons they migrated (ACHASSK136)
  • The contribution of individuals and groups to the development of Australian society since Federation (ACHASSK137)

Curriculum Activity Risk Assessment - Year 6 - who do you think we are (PDF, 604KB)

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