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Some General Notes Relating to Bookings :

  • Bookings should be made as early as possible to ensure that the timing of the activities suits your class program.  Full details are not necessary for dates well in advance –  demand is high and it is important to secure your preferred time.

  • Teachers with groups smaller or larger than a standard class size should contact the centre prior to making the booking request to discuss the options.

  • Transport arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the visiting group.  The Centre itself, along with many of the field work locations, are accessible by public transport.  The coordinated ticketing of public transport in Brisbane (Translink) provides inexpensive options for combining train, bus and ferry travel.

  • Please inform the Centre at the time of the booking if there are any students with special needs – e.g. hearing, vision, mobility, behavioural.  It is the responsibility of the school to provide extra support for these students if it is required.

  • A reasonable number of parents are welcome to accompany the group and assist with the supervision of students.  However young children can be disruptive to the group. Parents should be advised of the Education Queensland policy relating to smoke free environments [HLS-PR-001] and reminded that mobile phone conversations and general social conversations between parents within the hearing of the group can also be disruptive.

  • Please read the Health and Safety guidelines published on this website.  The centre requires a copy of the student list for audit purposes.

  • For Queensland State Schools, all standard day programs are $5.00 per student (for a full day), unless otherwise indicated in the program details.  Some programs also attract an additional charge for special equipment or consumables.  These costs are provided in the program information.  Costs for non-state schools can be obtained from the Centre.

  • After the program is complete, the school will be invoiced for all costs and charges (based on attendance as per the student list provided).  State schools are not charged for GST.  All other clients will have a GST component included.

  • On occasions bad weather may force the postponement of a program.  For this reason we require an after hours or mobile number for the class teacher of other coordinator.  Mobile numbers for Centre staff will be provided with the visit confirmation information.

Last reviewed 13 May 2019
Last updated 13 May 2019